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Semantic Modelling & Document Lineage
Take your business intelligence to a new level with knowledge engineering coupled with Document Lineage. Communicate your enterprise model in natural business language.

Lead the pack with the Boston conceptual modelling software and win with your stakeholders.

Use Object-Role Modeling to verbalise your enterprise model.

We work closely with our clients to assist in creating and maintaining world-class enterprise models.

You already have a team of dedicated knowledge engineers. Leverage our experience in Fact-Based Modelling to incorporate industry leading semantic knowledge gathering to your enterprise.

Your Knowledge Graph, Your Way

Query any database with natural language graph queries or your native database language* with FactEngine. Your knowledge graph...your way.

Keep your existing databases and use FactEngine's unique knowledge graph technology to query them as if they were a graph database. FactEngine is in beta release now.




Natural Language Business Intelligence:

Perform business language queries over your database with FactEngine's Knowledge Language. Natural language queries are graph queries. Write graph queries over your database Read More

FactEngine Easy

Natural Language Queries over your Knowledge Graph



Make your Data Lake a Multi-model Knowledge Graph

View your database as a graph or relational database with FactEngine's unique multi-model conceptual modelling. The choice is yours. Minimise overhead by minimising the number of databases that you need to work with. Leverage existing technology in your current architecture. Generate data definition script for your database from inside Boston, then use FactEngine to query your database.

Read more about FactEngine.

FactEngine is in beta release. Contact FactEngine for a demonstration.

* FactEngine uses one query language and an adaptor is required for each database type.


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Capture your enterprise model in natural business language using Object-Role Modeling and generate business glossaries in natural language.

Collaboratively model in teams

Boston Enterprise is custom made for collaborative modelling in teams.

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