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FactEngine for Services

FactEngine for Services is a suite of DLLs (Direct Link Libraries) that can be used to execute FactEngine queries against a database separately from Boston, as in from a web services.

Operational Steps

1. Create a FactEngine object instance.

        'FactEngine Connection
        Public prFactEngine As New FactEngineForServices.FactEngine.Base


2. Connect to an instance of the Boston database.

        'Connect to the Boston database
        Dim lbBostonConnectionSuccessful = prFactEngine.OpenBostonDatabase(My.Settings.BostonDatabaseConnectionString)

3. Get the list of Models in the Boston database.

        Dim larModels = FactEngineForServices.TableModel.GetModels

4. Get the Model that you want to work with:

        Dim lrModel As FBM.Model
        lrModel = prApplication.Models.Find(Function(x) x.Name = "University")

5. Set default FactEngine parameters for the Model:

        lrModel.FactEngineUserDateTimeFormat = "DD/MM/YYYY"
        lrModel.FactEngineDefaultQueryResultLimit = 100

6. Set the working Model for the FactEngine object:

        Public prWorkingModel As FBM.Model = lrModel

7. Establish a FactEngine Query Language processor:

        Public prFEQLProcessor As FactEngineForServices.FEQL.Processor
        prFEQLProcessor As New FactEngineForServices.FEQL.Processor(prWorkingModel)

8. Set defaults for the FEQLProcessor object instance:

        'Define the path to the English Wordnet files, for use in Natural Language transformations
        prFEQLProcessor.WordNetDictionaryEnglishPath = ".\wordnet\"

9. Execute a FEQL query and return a Recordset:

        Dim lrRecordset As New FactEngineForServices.ORMQL.Recordset

        Dim lrFEQLTokenType As FEQL.TokenType = Nothing
        Dim lrFEQLParseTree As FEQL.ParseTree = Nothing
        lrRecordset = prFEQLProcessor.ProcessFEQLStatement(lsQuery, lrFEQLTokenType, lrFEQLParseTree)

10. Convert a natural language query to a FEQL (FactEngine Query Language) query:

        Dim lsFEQL as String = ""
        lsFEQL = Me.FEQLProcessor.PerformTransformationsOnNLQuery(lsNaturalLanguageQuery)