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openCyhpher Graph Queries over any Relational Database

Mindful empowers data professionals to leverage the benefits of graph queries on their existing relational databases. By utilizing openCypher, and as a data professional, you can unlock new insights from you data, enabling more sophisticated data analysis and decision-making. This technology eliminates the need for additional graph databases and allows organizations to maximize the value of your existing data infrastructure investments. With openCipher, you can easily navigate complex data structures and gain a comprehensive understanding of their data ecosystem.

Relational Knowledge Graphs and Graph Standards

Fact Engine recognizes the industry's movement towards graph query languages like openCipher. By enabling openCypher queries directly on relational databases, Fact Engine aims to provide you with increased flexibility and minimized risks during database transformation projects. Whether you want to switch from a graph database to a relational database or vice versa, the ability to seamlessly transition your queries from openCypher to SQL is of significant benefit. openCypher queries can be written against various relational databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Snowflake, Postgres, and more, including technologies like Presto, Hadoop, and others.

Mindful is read-only, data level queries at this stage, but FactEngine is pushing forward with metagraph and write queries.

Risk Adverse Technology

Mindful works with existing relational databases, without requiring any modifications or special tables. Whether it's a Snowflake, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, or any other widely used relational database, Fact Engine guarantees compatibility and successful implementation of openCypher queries. This flexibility allows you to leverage the benefits of graph queries without the need for a dedicated graph database.

Trusted Technology

Mindful leverages Microsoft's opensource openCypher transpiler and modified it under the MIT license. FactEngine has taken this technology and made it work seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure, without modifying the structure of your database. Mindful allows you to transpile openCypher queries over relational databases, even  with tables with multi-column primary keys.