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Natural Language

Semantic Queries over  Your Database

FactEngine's unique technology makes your data easily accessible.

Natural Language Semantic Queries over any database catered for by FactEngine allows you to maximise existing assets while gleaning valuable insights into your data.

Exploit LLM (Large Language Model) technology trained to your domain specific model to convert natural language queries to FactEngine Query Language (FEQL).

FEQL is designed for query novices and data science experts, achieving graph queries in a syntax that approaches natural language. Reduce lead-time expense by adopting an approach which leverages off knowledge you already possess...to be able to ask questions in the language you already use in your enterprise.

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Schema-Aware Semantic Search with FactEngine

Semantically Enable Your Database

Semantically enable your database by exploiting FactEngine's unique technology to provide a semantic layer over your data stores enabling best-in-class Natural Language Queries over your database.

Natural Language Queries - For Real This Time

Here's an example of FactEngine in action with Natural Language Queries:

Natural Language Query


What seats are available to watch Rocky at the Great Western Cinema on 1st May 2023 at 10am?

FactEngine Query - Derived From Natural Language Query


Database Query - Derived From the FactEngine Query Language (FEQL) Query

 For example, the FEQL statement above is converted to the SQL query below:


FactEngine believes in investing in the infrastructure and knowledge you already have within your enterprise. We are confident that clear goals, reasonable cost, and a long-term vision, creates a path to achieve your data architecture goals. 

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